Choosing a company that will deal with legal issues of your company, first of all you are interested in the experience, the rating of the won cases and, of course, the composition of the team. "Dialogue" is not just an office with lawyers, it's a team, a legal consulting group that has been working for more than 10 years as a single mechanism.
Our main task is a satisfied customer. Trust, promptness, confidentiality, round-the-clock support is Dialogue. We have a core team of lawyers, associates and auditors.
Moskalenko Denis Fedorovich (6.04.1980) The lawyer since 2005. Experience of successful work in the specialty in state bodies, later in commercial structures. Skills of the rational organization and successful adjustment of work of legal departments of the enterprises. Creation and participation in the management and functioning of a law firm. Skills for analyzing the legal, financial and economic state of the enterprise, establishing the legal department of the enterprise in relation to other divisions of the enterprise, participating in budget planning.
Implementation of projects on mergers and acquisitions of enterprises, pre-sale analysis of enterprises in terms of financial and economic and legal status.
Experience of professional and labor activity: work in law enforcement bodies, tax service bodies, work as head of the legal department of a group of companies, organization of work and management of a law firm.
Lyakh Olga V. - Director of the Consulting and Legal Group "Dialogue" - a forensic expert in the field of accounting, tax accounting and reporting. 
Marufenko Olga Evgenievna - Lawyer 
The experience of successful work in the field of law is 18 years, including 15 years as head of the legal department, 15 years in the civil service. Experience in successful work in senior positions in the public service, in particular in the tax service. A thorough knowledge of the tax legislation and, accordingly, the work of the tax service and, in general, the controlling and law enforcement agencies. Experience of successful work in a large commercial company (more than 6 years). 
- development of procedures and regulations for the company, internal regulations;
- Legal examination of supply, purchase and sale contracts for the sale of products, services, contracts for foreign economic activity, credit agreements, pledge agreements, leases (buildings, land);
- protection of copyright, intellectual property;
- registration of property rights for real estate, coordination of re-planning of premises in BTI;
- corporate law, registration of changes in constituent documents;
- registration of enterprises, establishment of branches;
- Judicial practice in various categories of cases, including labor disputes, claims and lawsuits, work with courts (courts of general jurisdiction, administrative, economic);
- representation of the company's interests in tax, law enforcement and other public authorities;
- antimonopoly legislation, environmental legislation;
- work with the executive services.
Zagorsky Denis Dmitrievich, 10.02.1993 of the year - Lawyer
In 2015 he graduated from the Yaroslav the Wise National Law University.
Postgraduate student of the Department of Administrative Law of Zaporozhye National University. Two years of experience in law practice.
Fundamental knowledge in economic, civil, labor and administrative law.
Experience in judicial work and interaction with various supervisory bodies, including the tax service. The experience of legal work at the state scientific and industrial metallurgical enterprise, the resolution of legal issues that arise in the course of the economic activities of the enterprise, including the conduct of contractual and judicial-claim work, the resolution of corporate affairs. 
Bochar Oksana Pavlovna - consultant of accounting and tax accounting.