Что нужно знать, чтобы сделать свой бизнес по франчайзингу

21 декабря за инициативой народных депутатов в Раду принят на рассмотрение «Закон про франчайзинг» в которые создали: член политической партии "НАРОДНИЙ ФРОНТ" Кирш Александр Викторович, народный депутат Кужель Александра Владимировна, Яценко Антон Владимирович, Галасюк Виктор Валерьевич, Романовский Александр Владимирович.

Published: 30.12.2017

Приобретение недвижимости

Осуществляя самостоятельные операции с недвижимостью, клиент может быть заложником спорных ситуаций

Published: 22.12.2017


The advocates' association "Dialogue" renders consulting services in the

field of jurisprudence and finance.

We have the necessary resources and experience for an

individual and integrated approach to each case, and we

also ensure that the task we have set is fully implemented.

If it is necessary to resolve highly specialized issues in consultation with the client, partners specializing in these matters are involved, as a result of which even the most difficult questions are resolved.

Our company takes into account the specifics of the situation of our clients and does not allow for a formal attitude to the issues or problems that have arisen.

The realities of today's entrepreneurial activity often force us to go beyond the limits of legal consulting in connection with which, our company offers its clients not only legal but also business solutions accompanied by their full implementation into our life realities.

We are focused on long-term cooperation, that's why we value our customers and make every effort to get a positive result in resolving the issues that the client has raised.

Our approach to work assures our clients of the high quality of the assistance provided.